Thursday, March 16, 2017

8 MM Glass Sliding Shower Screens

8 MM Glass Sliding Shower Screens
8 mm Glass Sliding Shower Screens
Product Specifications
*8mm Tempered Glass Shower Screens
*Recommend Size: 900*1900, 1000*1900, 1100*1900, 1200*1900, 1300*1900, 1400*1900, 1500*1900, 1600*1900, 1700*1900, 1800*1900, 1900*1900, 2000*1900, 2100*1900mm
*Double Wheels With Brass Arms, Heavy Duty And Long Lasting
*Pattern: Printed Horizontal Lines As In The Photos, Custom Patterns Accepted.
*Stainless Steel 304 Handles, 40cm Length, Optional 20cm Handles.
*Dual Wall Profiles, 3.5cm Of Adjustment, Easy Installtation
*Aluminum Profiles Finished In High Gloss Chrome.
*Packing: 1 Carton/Set.
*Delivery Time: 25 Days
*Promotional Price: Yes
*Warranty: 5 Years
Packing Details
*4* Glass- 2 Fixed Doors, 2 Sliding Doors
*Aluminum Rail*2
*Aluminum Wall Profiles*2
*Aluminu Wall Adjustment/U Channel*2
*Magnetic Door Seal*2
*Quick Release Twin Wheels*8
*Glass Stopper *8
*PVC Water Proof Strip*2
*Glass Rubber Insert*2
*Glass Clip *4
*Mounting Screw For Aluminum Coupling: 4*25 8pcs
*Screw For Glass Stoppers: 4*10 8pcs
*Screw For Glass Clip 4*12 4 Pcs.
*Packing Materials: Glass Protectors, Buuble Bags, Hard Cardboard Box, PP Belt Outside
Installation Instruction
*Find Me On shower screen
*Shower Screen Installation Guideshower screen
Sliding Shower Screens 8 MM Glass
Shower Screens Aluminum Profiles
Shower Screen Wheels
Full Collection Of Slding Shower Screens
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8 MM Glass Sliding Shower ScreensShower ScreensSliding Shower Doors


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