Monday, August 24, 2015

Jordanian Obada Living in Shenzhen China help you source and import the Best Priced Shower Doors and Enclosures from China

 Jordanian Obada Living in Shenzhen China help you source and import the Best Priced Shower Doors and Enclosures from China. 

In recent years, Middle East countries including UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria have witnessed great development in the area of constructions and contractions.
And China, as a brother or a friend, has been offering generous help to these countries and exporting numerous things and items to obtain win-win, as a business partner. 
Hangzhou Casa Baths N’ Shower has been in sanitary wares for over 15 years. In recent 5 years, we have witnessed up growing demand of shower screens, shower doors, sliding showers door in middle countries. 
Many dealers in Middle East don't not speak English and they have limited access to Chinese suppliers, or for many other reasons, they find Chinese suppliers hard to trust or communicate as they are totally another race and which is not muslin. 
Here now comes a chance that we solve all the problems or languages or races or understandings.
We have well Established a business relationship with a Jordanian friend for over 7 years whose name is Obada.

He’s now Living in Shenzhen and he sources products from over all China for his clients/friends back in Jordan.

If anyone who would be interested in dealing with our shower doors and enclosures, anyway thing related , like security doors or you can contact Obada at, he can surely help you out with all these as he’s quite a professional of these building materials, apart from this, he speaks Arabic and very good Chinese. He will help you get the prices from the suppliers, and handle the export procedures, if needed. 
If ever interested to coming to factory for placing order, you can arrange this through Obada, see following photo taken on Aug, 23th,  2015. 

Also, Obada, will help inspecting the product before the container loading.

Video is here: 

--صديق عبادة الأردن التفتيش على أبواب دش انزلاق قبل تحميل إلى الحاوية 


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