Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Saudi Arabia Hot Selling Sliding Shower Doors and Packing Details.

Saudi Arabia Hot Selling Sliding Shower Doors and  Packing Details

Chromed polish shower screen:

Size: 1800*1900mm


8mm fully tempered glass

Color:printed Horizontals/clear/Blue

Stainless door handles(holes distance: 30cm)

Aluminum extrusions: sandblasting/Plated Chrome.

Wheel runners: Dual wheel runners, quick release,  extra smooth running mechanism.

Installtation: Dual wall profiles, 3.5cm of adjustment.

Shower Screen Length: Custom
Shower Screen Height: Custom, 185cm+(recommended)

Warranty: 10 years

Packing Details:

4* glass- 2 fixed doors, 2 sliding doors 
Aluminum rail*2 
Wall profiles*2 
Wall adjustment*2 
Door seal*2 
Glass Stopper *8 
PVC Water Proof Strip*2 
Glass Clip *4 
Mounting Screw for aluminum coupling: 4*25 8pcs 
Screw for glass stoppers: 4*10 8pcs 
Screw for glass clip 4*12 4 pcs. 
Packing Materials: Glass protectors, buuble bags, Hard cardboard box, PP belt outside

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